Illegal Tint Example

TINTED WINDOWS -The 35% Window Tint Law in Maryland means that the TOTAL amount of light being transmitted through the glass of a motor vehicle cannot be less than 35%.  In other words, it doesn’t make any difference what percentage the actual window tinting film is rated at, you still cannot exceed 5% total Light Transmittance Value, or LTV for short.

 The problem here is that many people purchase a window tint film that is rated at 35% and think it’s automatically okay to put it on their car windows.  A 35% window film will guarantee you that your vehicle will be illegal, and here’s why:

ALL vehicles come from the factory with a certain percentage of tinting incorporated into the glass.  In most cases it blocks out approximately 20% of the available light, which means that 80% is still passing through. That is an LTV of 80%, and there’s no problem there.

An after market window tint film rated at 35% means that the film allows 35% of the available light to pass through, and blocks out 65%.  (This is known as 35% LTV Film) And again, there’s no problem with that.

Here’s where the trouble begins.  When you place a 35% window tint film over a vehicle window that is already blocking out 20% of the available light, you have now reduced the LTV to 28%, which is ILLEGAL!  Why is it now 28%?  Because you started with a piece of glass that was already blocking out 20% of the available light, and you are now placing a 35% tinting material on a piece of glass that only had 80% availabe light to start with.  (.35 x 80 = 28%) That means you are now blocking out 72% of the available light, leaving only 28% to pass through. 

You now have tinted windows with a 28% Light Transmittance Value, and remember that the State of Maryland requires an LTV of at least 35%. (Windows that are tinted darker than 35% are very obvious to police officers.)

We want you understand the law completely because there are many Window Tint Shops out there who are telling their customers that a 35% window tint film placed on their vehicle glass is legal, which it isn’t . (And you just saw why.) Additionally, many shops will just tint your windows without even telling you what is, and what is not legal in Maryland.

Be fore warned that if you get stopped with illegally tinted windows, it’s YOU that gets the $50.00 ticket, not the shop that installed it. Plus you’ll have the added cost of having it removed from your vehicle, which is probably as much as it was to have it put it on!

Why take the chance?  Read the actual law below regarding tinted windows in Maryland or any other state, before you have it done to your vehicle!

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